About Us

Family Photo - Hound Girl


 Hound Girl is a dog blog but with a cute baby making appearances these days.  Hound Girl has had a major revamp after the passing of Fred the bloodhound and the arrival of my daughter Kylie.

This blog focuses on the daily life of Haylie the Labrador and Kylie the princess.  I will still be focusing on product reviews, giveaways, nutritional and health needs of a dog.   This blog is proof you can have kids and keep your dog!

I tend to hold nothing back and tell it how it is.   I’m a Texan born and raised.  I love cowgirl boots, anything pink, big hair, bling, coffee and mascara.  I’m married to my best friend and I am the luckiest girl alive to have been able to start a family with him.  We have an adorable daughter Kylie who was welcomed into the world in 2013.  She is full of sugar, spice, sass, and everything nice.  She has been a dog lover since she could sit up, her first word was “dog”.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to provide you stories that will bring laughter and/or tears about being a dog owner and a parent.