This post is sponsored by Purina. I was invited to attend the summit.  All opinions are honest and my own. 


Purina Better with pets summit

Purina Better with Pets Summit was held in Brooklyn and I couldn’t have been happier to be invited to my third summit with Purina.  If you have read my blog or spoken to me about pets you will know that nothing makes me happier than to support Purina and share the passion I have for Purina and their products.

This was a day filled with fun,meeting new friends, talks with experts, activities,education and adorable pets.  The summit covered how a passionate dedication to improving the health and well being of pets and people makes the world a better place.  I have a very strong passion to prove that you don’t have to give away your dog because you are having kids.  I have two beautiful amazing girls and a large dog.  Our dog has just an amazing life now with two toddlers running around then she did before they came along.  We continue at the Hound Girl homestead year after year to prove to everyone life is better with pets!

Purina Hound Girl

 I look forward to this trip every year and I always learn so much and leave inspired to spread my passion about Purina and how it makes our lives here at Hound Girl better.  Every year before I head out the door to the airport I take a picture of the crew that supports me.

To kick off the morning at the Purina Better With Pets Summit we were able to hear Nina Leigh Krueger speak who is the president of Purina PetCare Company, U.S.   “At Purina, we use our scientific resources and passion to give pets bigger lives and in return, help improve quality of life for pets and people,” said Nina Leigh Krueger. “For four years now the Better with Pets Summit has showcased the latest advancements of the pet care community and raised awareness of topics that are fundamental to the well-being of pets and people. By bringing together the brightest minds and helping encourage these conversations to take place, we are working to create a better future for our pets.”


So a WOMAN CEO in the Pet industry…..paws up and fist bump to her.  Its always an honor to hear her speak about the passion she has for her job.

The Purina Better with pets summit had a 3 panels that were interactive and open for discussions after each panel.   One of the best parts is after a panel they open the floor for discussion with the experts!


Panel #1:  Demystifying Quality and Safety

This panel was all about taking a closer look at the quality and safety standards of pet food, how the state and the federal quality and safety standards are upheld and even surpassed, the people who tirelessly research ingredients and execute quality and safety checks, and the purposeful role ingredients plan in a pets nutritional needs.


Panel #2:  How a Passion for Pets Builds s Better World

A discussion about how connecting pets and people build stronger communities that will improve the health and well being of pets and people and ultimately shape a better world.

AMAZING story – Roben Harris has a daughter that has Spina Bifida and has extended hospital stays and always misses her dog named Chocolate Chip Chewbaca!!!  This dog is her best friend and so her family can for sure say their lives are Better With Pets because Purina stepped in and helped create a room at the hospital that patients can visit with their pets during their hospital stays!!  again its AMAZING.   The Purina Family Pet Center is located at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Every summit provides different topics that are important and create a passion for different people.  The most touching and inspiring part of this summit was during this panel when discussing families dealing with domestic abuse and keeping their pets.


48% percent, can you believe it?  I can only because pets are family and no one wants to leave family behind.  Purina paired up with URI (Urban Resource Institute) which is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in New York to create space for pets.  Towards the end of the summit we were assigned tables and were able to create “care boxes” for the URI shelter.  These boxes included items such as a bowl, leash, collar, blankets and even more items so that each pet that comes through those doors will also have the basic care items covered for them.  These women are the perfect example how their lives are better with pets.  To find out more please visit URIPALS


Panel #3:  The Science of Innovative Nutrition for Pets

Exploring how nutrition has the power to help treat nutrition responsive conditions to enable better lives and secure a better future for our pets.  This panel then branched off to two sections that I took a HUGE interest in.

The first is a new process of feeding your dog called Just Right” by Purina.  I contacted them while I was there and will be able to spread the world with my personal experience of this process and food.  Just Right is a personalized dog food to your specific dog.  You visit their site and fill in some information about your dog and they assist you with the right food to help your dog achieve their goals and then its shipped to you and for free!

Haylie my old girl is 10 years young now and is considered a senior.  So my ears perked up when I heard about Bright Mind” by Purina.  This food is created for dogs that are 7 + years of age.  So what makes this food awesome?!  The Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind food contains a blend of brain supporting nutrients along with enhanced botanical oils that have shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7+ and older.

Purina Better With Pets Summit chose the hash tag #LetsLiveBig for their event – so I want to hear from you how your life is  better with pets!!


Make sure to now follow Purina on snapchat @Purina so I thought it was only fitting to take this picture since I was at a dog event!

For more information about the Better With Pets Summit, visit : Better With Pets Summit 2016

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