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Pure Love For Pets pledge and giveaway

The new year of 2016 brings the fun of making resolutions.  As a pet owner I am always sure to make sure I add one resolution for my dog each year.  Now that my toddler is getting older and helping out with the care of our dog I decided to include her in our pledge.

WE pledge to walk our dog as much as we can every week.

pure love for petsPurina

I want you to take the Purina pet pledge with me.  Play with your dog more? Spend more time training your dog?

To enter:

Purina wants you to make your own pet pledge by visiting PureLoveForPets.com

To help you keep that pledge to your pets.


When you visit Pure Love For Pets website you will have a chance to to play the instant-win game to win a prize box or a grand prize that will help keep you motivated to keep that pledge!

The prize box includes items such as a dog Furminator, Kong toys and other dog related accessories.

Grad prize is a deluxe dog crate!

purina pet pledge

You have a chance to win daily from January 29 2016 to February 17 2016.  Remember you can visit the site for a chance daily to win.

Don’t worry  there are cat related prizes as well!

After you play for your chance to win make sure to check out other areas on their website for their tips and tricks for your pets.  Also my favorite is the coupon section – you can even print them directly from the site.

Please check your Sunday paper that ran on January 31 2016 for special Purina coupons.

 This post is sponsored by Purina. I am being compensated for this post.  Hound Girl only shares information that we feel is relevant to our readers and products we use ourselves. Purina is not responsible for the content of this article

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