Purina Better With Pets Summit New York 2015

Better with pets

Hound Girl was thrilled to be part of the Purina Better with Pets Summit this year in New York.  This was an a day-long event filled with fun and education along with pets.  The summit covered the emotional wellness and the evolution of the bond between pets and the people who love them through three panel discussions and experiential exhibits.


Purina’s Better With Pets Summit

was hosted by Emmy-nominated comedian and writer, Josh Gondelman.  The event was held at the Brooklyn Expo Center in New York City on November 3 2015.

Dr. Arleigh Reynolds, Purina Senior Research Nutritionist  spoke early in the day, I look forward to hearing him speak any chance I can get.  He has researched the dog and human bond for many years in Alaska and supports the Frank Attla Youth Program.


The first panel at Better With Pets Summit discussed how Millennials are changing the dynamics in a relationship between pet owners and cats.

better with pets

 Purina shocked me by saying that 1,000 millennials surveyed own a cat and that 88 percent of cat owners consider themselves similar to their pets!  As you all know here at the Hound Girl homestead we do not have a cat so I tend to not know much about cat life and what it like to own one.  This was by far my biggest shock:

better with pets

The other piece of information that had me laughing because its true is that cat videos make people laugh and dog videos make people cry!  SO TRUE!!!!

This panel included:

  • Moderator: Hal Herzog, Psychologist, Anthrozoologist
  • Sandra Lyn, Purina Behaviorist
  • Christina Ha, Meow Parlour Co-Founder
  • Mikel Delgaso, Cat Behaviorish and Researcher

Second Panel at the Purina Better With Pets Summit was  going over stress, our pets, and us.

better with pets

This discussion took a hard look at pets’ environments and the impact it has on their stress levels.  So yes this was a wake up call to me….  Right before I left for my trip… I was running around crazy trying to pack (of course I always leave it to the last minute).  The baby was wanting to be held and my toddler was running around unpacking her bag for her grandparents house.  Then our dog was following me from every room I went to.

 Haylie our Labrador sees the kids bags come out all the time, we are lucky to have grandparents who love to host sleep overs.  Its a different ball game when she sees the suitcase though, she knows that I’M leaving.  She made it very clear that

Simply stated it was CHAOS which translate to stress.  The environment I provided before leaving left her stressed.  No matter how many hugs and kisses our dog got from me and the girls we still left her stressed.  My husband made it up to her that night and gave her some Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Tenders when he came home which are her favorite and lots of attention.  Although she de-stressed as soon as she got extra attention from my husband and treats it does make you stop and think about environments and the impact they have on a pets stress level.

This panel included:

  • Moderator Marty Becker, Veterinarian and Best-Selling Author
  • Ragen McGowen, Purina Behaviorist
  • Heather Lewis, Animal Arts Architect
  • Tony Buffington, Cat Stress Expert, Veterinarian


The third panel at the Purina Better With Pets Summit was all about Raising Pets and Kids.

Better With Pets

It took an in depth look at the benefits of raising pets and kids together.  We know this very well at the Hound Girl homestead with raising two girls with our dog.  The discussion went on to talk about the unique benefits that extend beyond a typical human – animal bond.

This panel included:

  • Moderator Zara Boland, Purina Veterinarian
  • Jayne Vitale, Mutt-i-Gress Child Development Director
  • Stasha Becker, Instagram Influencer
  • Ilana Resiner, Veterinarian, Behavorist
  • Charley Bednarsh, Director of Children’s Services, Pet Partner Therapy Member

The later part of the day included an appearance from Carole Radziwill, Author and Reality Television Personality.   She shared how pet ownership has shaped her life experiences.

New to the Better With Pets Summit this year were five educational zones which featured interactive exhibits for attendees to engage, as well as see Purina’s vast expertise in the pet wellness space and connect with Purina experts. The exhibits featured educational touchscreen displays, a dedicated room showcasing healthy environments for cats, a play lab for agility dogs with wearable technology that monitored their activity as they played, and an area where attendees can see how nutrition impacts cognition and emotional wellness in pets.

Better With Pets

As a Purina enthusiast and loyal customer I was honored to be invited this year and learned even more this year at the Purina Better With Pets summit.

Purina also announced at the summit that it will donate $50,000 to The Frank Attla Youth Program

For more information about the Better With Pets Summit, visit www.purina.com/better-with-pets/summit#/hero.




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