My Kids Lives are Better With Pets


The Saying Better With Pets applies to many but at our household the following saying is more relevant.

My kids lives are Better With Pets.

better with pets

This is a picture of my girls and our dog Haylie before leaving for my trip (2015)


Our dog had some pretty major surgery this past year that left her with a wound that was over a foot long on the side of her rib cage.  For a dog that is 8 years old this was a hard tough recovery.  My daughter amazed me, she knew her dog has seen the “doctor” and had a big boo-boo. She immediately respected her space when we brought her home to recover, it reassured me that everything we have done till this point was worth it.  As soon as our daughter could walk the first thing we taught her was to not approach the dog while she is eating.  We stress in our house to leave our dog alone when she eats, our dog is not food aggressive but I want her to learn to respect all animals while they eat.

better with pets

This is a picture of my first daughter and our dog Haylie before leaving for my trip (2014)


I tried to start giving our daughter responsibilities with our dog as soon as I could.  When she was under a year I would have her help me give our dog her daily treats.  I would attach a second leash onto Haylie and allow Kylie to carry the second leash as if she was walking the dog.  Now as a toddler she helps with feeding, brushing and bathing her.  She is now learning training commands that we use on our dog, she is definitely a Junior Victoria Stillwell in training.  She has no problem putting her hand out and telling a dog NO if she feels her space is invaded or if the dog is going to jump.

better with pets

This was a picture from 2012 when I was heading out to visit Purina headquarters



From the moment my daughter could talk she was asking for the dog to sleep in her room with her.  She would always melt my heart when she would be outside in the backyard with our dog and start crying when Haylie went inside.  Love is when my daughter would hug or kiss her dog goodbye when we leave the house.  The smile on her face says it all when she asks if Haylie our dog is going to go on the walk with us.

I am a proud mom that my girls will grow up learning to respect, be responsible and love animals.  My girls lives are better with pets.  It’s just that simple.



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