Waggin Train has three new chicken treats for three times the fun

Waggin Train treats by Purina

Purina Waggin Train has come out with three new adult dog treats and we are excited to tell you about them.

Waggin' Train

In my kitchen you will always find a treat jar on the counter for Haylie.  The container might change with the holidays but Haylie our Labrador can be sure that I will not skip her daily treats.  I may not change up her dog food often but one thing I love doing is purchasing new treats.

The best way to review dog treats in my family is to head over to my parents’ house where two dachshunds only receive peas and carrots as treats.  As soon as I walked in the door and set the box on the ground I turned around to see Sawyer-Bob investigating my big brown box.

Waggin' Train

My mom quickly grabbed a handful of carrots as we headed outside to take photos.  As soon as I opened the first bag the dogs wanted nothing to do with their usual carrot treats.

Waggin' Train

Purina Waggin Train came out with a new line of adult dog treats and I couldn’t be happier.  We were sent three types to try.

The following three treats we tried out are all made with just two simple ingredients and have NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

Waggin’ Train

Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Minis – These are made using real white meat chicken.  The best part is that they are sliced into fun sized pieces which are perfect for training!

Waggin Train Homestyle Chicken Jerky Tenders – Made with real chicken that is slow cooked and then covered in little jerky bits of chicken to make it chewy and crunchy!

Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Curls – Twisted into fun shapes so that you can toss and flip them and watch your dog go nuts over these fun treats.

The bags for these treats say it all.  I can clearly see that they are 100% real with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.  There is also the stamp of quality assured by Purina.   The two ingredients can easily be found as well as the feeding guidelines on the back of the package.

Where to find the New! Waggin Train dog treats:  They are available nationally in grocery and mass retail channels.  Suggested retail prices range from $3.49 – $3.99 for the 3-ounce package and $11.99 – $12.49 for the 11-ounce package.

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