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I use to think that I spent a lot of time outside being a dog owner.  Well I was WRONG, I spend double the amount of time outside now that I have a toddler.  Thankfully we have a large covered patio, outdoor ceiling fans and some comfy outdoor chairs to sit in.

Before Kylie our dog Haylie would only come out twice a day to use the bathroom and she was right back inside.  We have a doggie door which she can come and go as she pleases.  Sometimes I would think it was a total waste to install the doggie door because she hardly uses it.  Fred the bloodhound who passed away was the one that was in and out of that door 100 times a day, we actually had to replace the flap once a year because he would wear it out.  He would have loved to lived outside if I would have let him.

Haylie in her older age is content on sleeping all day and soaking up the cold ac in the Texas summers, which run about 10 months out of the year!

Since having Kylie things have changed, before I could go outside and Haylie would just lift her head on her dog bed and glance over at me like I was insane to think she would get up.  Now a days she is the first one heading out the door when we go outside or knocking Kylie over to get outside first.  Who knew I would have to do so much more training with Haylie now that we have a kid.

Haylie has become a protector of Kylie,  at times I love it but there are times its annoying.  One of the annoying times is that she now barks at any dog she hears when we are outside, she use to NEVER bark at neighbors dogs.

When we come outside together she canvases the yard and does a perimeter search.  Then she lays either in the middle of the yard or close to us.  She hears any dog bark and she is up on all 4 paws, nose in the air, heckles up and ready to bark.

I love capturing moments like the picture above, it warms my heart to see the connection that these two have and well the fact she isnt barking and the toddler isn’t crying!






  1. Sammy Sam says:

    Hi Hound Girl, you’ve been gone a long time. Glad to hear that all is well down your way. Summer – 10 months a year??? Sounds pretty warm (hot) – I think that our mid to high 70’s is enough. Thankfully, there are only a few days like that. Anyways, glad to see you back.

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