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Petco Halloween 2013

Petco Halloween products are some of my favorite things because Halloween is such a fun time of the year and it means fall is here!

Halloween is going to be big in the Hound Girl homestead this year because not only do I get to dress my dog up I get to dress up our baby!  We pass out candy every year and I have seen more and more dogs dressed up and our trick o treating with their families.  I have decided that this year when I’m at Petco getting Haylie’s costume I’m going to pick up some dog treats while I’m there to hand out to the dogs trick o treating!

Petco Halloween 203

Petco has some adorable new costumes this year!  My favorite was the taco costume which comes in sizes xx-small to large, it will not fit Haylie but its still my favorite!  They have a football costume for all those manly boy dogs and they have a  devil costume with a tutu for all the girly dogs.  There are a few costumes that Petco has for the big dogs and I cant wait to head on over and get her the lobster costume, it comes in her size XX-Large!

Haylie might now enjoy dressing up for Halloween but I sure love dressing her up, if you were to ask Haylie what her favorite thing about Halloween is she would tell you its the Petco Halloween toys!!  I think the Petco Halloween toys are adorable and fun, we received a box of Halloween goodies and I put it on the floor because the next day I planned to take photos of the products.  The next morning I walked into the kitchen and found…the Frankenstein dog toy laying on the floor, I immediately took a photo of it because I knew the toy would be destroyed in hours.  I would love to say I cant believe that my dog helped herself to the box of goodies would be a lie…sadly this has happened before with Petco products we have been sent.  What can I say she has good taste and loves Petco too!

Petco Halloween

Later outside I found the Dracula toy who was missing a leg and the zombie girl dog toy with a nice hole in her head.  So, as you can tell she loves them and I love the selection of toys they have because there is everything from stuffed toys, ropes and cat toys in the Petco Halloween section, one stop shop!

When it comes to trick o treating you want to make sure you are safe while walking your dog, I know that we got our light up collar and leash from petco and we love the added safety it gives us when walking at night.

Petco Halloween costumes come in sizes from xx-small to xx-large, so head on over to your local Petco and check out the awesome selection.  Please make sure to have a safe Howl-o-ween and remember Petco is your one stop shop for all your pets Halloween needs.

I did receive products in exchange for my own personal honest opinion and review.


  1. Jessica Sala-Bonin says:

    I freaked out when my husband called home (he works at our local Petco) and told me about the taco :) We had a hot dog last year, but def going for the taco this year!

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