Salmon Paws

Salmon Paws

Haylie loves fish food but I can’t take the smell of seafood when I open the dog food bin at 5am.  The next best thing is treats that are seafood and that’s when I can across Salmon Paws!  I called Haylie into the kitchen for a treat and she went crazy for salmon paws as a treat, so much in fact she wouldn’t leave the kitchen when she got her treats!  She smelled the counter and the rug where she had her Salmon Stix.

One thing I really did love is that the Salmon Paws treats were baked so they were able to last longer than 1 second in her month because she had to chew on it instead of just swallowing and not even taste it.  Salmon Paws only contains human-grade Wild Salmon caught in Alaska.  You couldn’t get anything better to give your dog unless you went to Alaska and caught some Wild Salmon and baked it yourself.

I guarantee your dog will LOVE these treats so stop on by Salmon Paws and pick up a bag for your furry one.  There are a lot of salmon pet treats out on the market but remember with Salmon Paws they are 100% pure salmon meat with no bones, fillers, or yeast in them!

Low fat: Perfect for Haylie because we are always looking to shed a few pounds off her for her hips.

Rich in omega 3 oils: This is great for her dry dull coat

Excellent training aids: I was able to choose the size of treat I wanted

All natural – human grade:  This keeps with our high quality grain free food we feed

Produced in FDA approved facility: This is so important today with all the recalls from treats made overseas.

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  1. Anny says:

    i really really love the pictures of Haylie today… she looks so brown and shiny… i guess it must be them tasty salmon paws!

  2. we three doxies says:

    Whaaaaaaaasup! Them looks delicious but you did bring up a good idea. I wanna go huntin’ in Alaska. Dat would be sooooooo much fun. I wonders what else I could get theres along withs da salmon.

    Doesn’t salmon cause salmonella?


  3. Ann Lawson says:

    I agree about the smell of some pet foods. Whew!! They can really stink up the house. Unfortunately those are the ones our pets love. The salmon treats sound really good.

    Ann Lawson

  4. Suka says:

    Those look so good! And don’t worry Haylie, I have been known to down my food a bit too fast as well and miss out on the taste. Oh well, as long as it is in my belly. :->

    I will make sure my human buys them for me. Thanks for the tip!


  5. sprinkles says:

    I recall seeing a similar product at the store where I get my boys’ treats from. May not be the same stuff but the package looks similar. Not a big seafood fan myself, so my boys don’t usually get those kinds of treats. They might like it though.

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