How did that get there?

So I got these adorable coasters at a little shop in Llano Texas one weekend. I love them and think they are adorable, who doesn’t love something zebra print?! They don’t match anything in my house but they make me smile when I see them. I normally always have 2 coasters on the coffee table that stay there all the time, well at least for the past year they have been on top of the coffee table but today I came home and found my coaster outside!!!
I decided I better head out and walk the dogs so they dont decide to re arrange anything else in the house!  It was a beautiful day and nice and warm outside.  Fred was acting tired so I decided to walk him without his backpack today…. boy did I regret that decision the first 15 mins of his walk!
Fred and Haylie at our first water stop.
Fred is yawning!

Thursdays Tail

Haylie’s tail turned out to be just a sprain (cold water tail).  She is doing amazingly better, she isnt 100% healed but well on her way.

In the pictures above you can see that she is now holding her tail correctly, not to mention the fact she is able to sit up straight again.  Its been a worry some few days and I am so glad that she is on the path to being healed!  Fred hasnt enjoyed not playing with her and having her seperated so that she could rest and relax. 

They wore themselves out playing last night

Cold Water Tail

Sunday night Haylie seemed very restless and couldn’t move her tail, it was sensitive to the touch. She was pacing all night and couldn’t lie down to sleep since she was uncomfortable so I reached out to the internet and found this article: here and  here where the two main articles I liked.

It described her exact symptoms and the pictures on other sites looked just like her tail.

It’s commonly referred to as “Cold water tail”, which is a sprain in the dogs tail at the base of the tail.  They say it cant take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to heal, im hoping more on the 2 days!

If anyone knows or has seen a Labrador their tails are always going a mile a min, thumping up against everything due to excitement over the littlest things. Labs can clear a coffee table in no seconds flat with their tail. I knew something was wrong right away when she didn’t wag it for an hour.

Labradors are prone to this after a lot of tail wagging, exercise, and cold water – which is what we did Sunday at the dog park. The articles also say not to bath your dog are strenuous exercise which I did within in an hour of coming home yesterday.

She is uncomfortable and doesn’t want anyone near her tail, I picked up pain medicine and she is on a high dose of aspirin to alleviate some swelling.

Things where good until Fred decided he had enough and wanted to play…. He was wrestling with her and knocked her down on her butt and she screamed and attacked him.. And of course Fred attacked back. Nice. Just what I need right now!

I ripped them apart before anyone took a chunk out of each other and separated them.

I gave her the pain pill last night and we all headed off to bed – Fred in the living room on the couch and Haylie on my bed. This morning I let them be around each other and she wanted nothing to do with him again because he kept sniffing her tail. It didn’t help she was still drugged and wouldn’t get up to eat or anything.

I decided to keep Haylie in my bedroom with toys and water (keeping my fingers crossed she doesn’t rip the carpet up!) and let Fred have the living room and back yard.

My dad is going at lunch to let Haylie out for me.  She was left with a peanut butter kong, water, my bed to sleep on and stuffed animals that she never gets cause they fight over them. I am hoping she will rest, relax and not eat my carpet.

Haylie finally relaxing on her pain meds.

Bark Park

Today I loaded up the dogs and made the drive out to Georgetown Texas to go to the Bark Park! Its 6 acres fenced in and has huge oak trees inside the park, its really beautiful and the largest one in the Austin area. It’s a bit of a drive but totally worth it.

I have a love/hate relationship with the dog park …It can be a positive experience or a bad one for you and your dog. I have been taking my dogs on and off since they where 6 months old – I have learned a lot over the years and my dogs have learned as well from experiences at the dog park. There is always one over aggressive dog with a wacked out owner, I learned my lesson a long time ago and try to avoid those owners.

Dog park etiquette is a must and you will pick up on it fast, my BFF can vouch for this – I gave her the run down when she first started going and we laugh about it now cause she is thankful I gave her the inside information.

Haylie and Fred cruising

Haylie is on the right – she is playing with a great dane on the left that is just a puppy and already as tall as her.

Haylie is the one in the front with the stick hanging out of her mouth.

This is what a lab loves… water, stick and dogs chasing her.
(Haylie is the one with the stick in her mouth)

Fred is tempted to go in but he would rather just watch Haylie in the water.

This is the end result, ahhhhh (Notice Fred on the grass patch – he doesn’t care to lie on the dirt, that’s beneath him!)

Domestic Diva

Today was laundry day….My favorite part about laundry is the smell of fabric softener – the stronger the smell the better.
I only use Tide for my clothes – what can I say I am a detergent snob!

I have been using this cold water Tide so that I can start to cut down on my electric bill and wash everything in cold water. I can’t really tell if it’s making a difference or not but the cold water tide is just as much as the other tide that I have been using.
Anyone that has dogs should use the detergent ALL – free and clear. It’s cheap, works, and doesn’t have any perfumes. I wash all the dogs bedding, toys, collars in this stuff.

By the way if you haven’t tried the downy bar in the dryer it’s awesome!!! It lasts a long time and effortless, worth every penny.
Now if I could just learn how to iron – I would be set!
Whenever I am doing laundry I always keep an eye out on Fred because if he finds a sock he will take off with it. Sure enough I saw him run by me while I was folding clothes and I looked out the window to see what he had and sure enough it was one of my dress socks he had in his mouth. Damn dogs.

You can see my brown and white sock hanging out of his mouth!  It only took 6 mins and a peice of cheese to get him to return my sock!!

I love

Sun brewed UN-sweet tea

Puppy breath

Hot tubs


Tattoo sleeves

The smell of a new car

The beach

The smell of fresh grinded coffee

Country life

Big SUV’s

Pajama pants

Big flashy rings

High heels

Cowgirl boots

Ofcourse I also love…………

Killer                                and                                      Cujo